Maxi-Obloge STAYFREE Obični S Plavim Krilima 18 Svaki Plava

Maxi-Obloge STAYFREE Obični S Plavim Krilima 18 Svaki Plava

HRK 20.10

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IDEAL PROTECTION for medium to heavy menstrual period flow.FOUR WALL PROTECTION with 18 anti-leak channels help block leaks from front-to-back and side-to-side so you can worry less about leaks and focus on your day.INCREDIBLY SOFT COVER for maximum comfort throughout even your heaviest days.QUICK ABSORBING quilted cover keeps fluid away from your body so you feel as natural as possible.NEUTRALIZES ODORS so you can go through your day with confidence and without changing your routine.Get maximum protection for moderate to heavy period flow.Soft, quick-absorbing material provides maximum comfort and all day freshness.Stayfree pads are made to stay in place with a special shape that is designed to contour to a woman’s body.Our adhesive gently secures the pad to panties to ensure a secure, no-shift fit.Focus on life, not leaks with four-wall protection against front-to-back and side-to-side leaks.


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